French-American sculptor, Emmanuel Fillion, is an artist coming directly from a long tradition of apprenticeship in sculpture, going back to the medieval time of the great cathedrals. The 14th generation, a direct grandson of Master Jean Cousin, painter of the French Renaissance author of the “Eva prima Pandora”(currently exhibited in the Louvre).  Fillion was born in France in 1966 in Soissons, an area rich in history and stone carving heritage. He started sculpting at 15 years old and began as an apprentice renovating prestigious historical monuments in France such as: Notre Dame, Chateau de Chambord, The Louvre, the Sainte Chappelle in Vincennes, The Cathedrals of Amiens, Sens, Beauvais, Rouen, Bourges, Moulins, Blois to name a few…

In 1994, Fillion moved to California and met his very first patron, Mr John Paul Dejoria, Art Collector. A journey that allowed him to create sculptures in marble, bronze, terra cotta, tromp-l' oeil paintings, as well as, portraits.
  In 1997, he opened a studio in Malibu, where he began creating works for the most significant American Classical Architectural residences. Most of them today are considered landmarks. The Fleur de Lys Estate, Beverly Hills; Evershine, Los Altos; Arrowhead Lake Chateau and others in Texas, Tennessee, Nevada, Oklahoma and Georgia. His Art has been recently featured in Hollywood movies; In Time, Green Hornet, Super Bowl Audi commercial...

Fillion’s Sculptures can also be found in private collections in the UK, France, Italy, Greece and the UAE. 
 In 2002, Fillion was featured in an Annenberg funded educational documentary called "Through the Eyes of the Sculptor” where he explains all of the processes involved when creating a sculpture and take the viewer to Pietrasanta Italy where Emmanuel has a studio.

Today, Fillion's work is evolving from the baroque influence to a more fluid and powerful contemporary expression.

“He casts spells, dreams, and stories all merrily weaved into something magical, earth and heaven water and mud in wood, plaster, steel and stone, like a centurion at the gate of infinite possibilities he stands commanding all that is to come.  Emmanuel Fillion does not manipulate nor force himself on the matter before him, he analyses and examines the organic form and facilitate a dialogue. For the matter that he is about to embark upon is the matter from which he himself originates. It is a discourse a constant exchange a vigilant correspondence between the experiencer and the experience, between matter and spirit. 
” Excerpt of Salomon Cohen poetic description of his work.

With a sense of introspection and spirituality, his work has been described as inspirational. His last public creation in October 2013, homage of the great and unique Martha Graham has been placed in the sculpture garden of The Wallis Annenberg Performing Center in Beverly Hills gift of Mr. Gregory Weingarten-Annenberg.  This sculpture “Exaltation” is the expression of a very powerful series. His latest creations includes the moving 11ft long bronze of “La Nageuse”, inspired by Aristide Maillol sculpture “La Riviere”.  As well as, the life size marble “Songe”, one of a kind, an intimate nude specially dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Hays, patrons of the Arts and passionate collectors. 



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