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In the Heat of Dubai...

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

A few years ago one of my sculpture "Exaltation" was installed on a beautiful Art collector's estate with a dramatic view of the Dubai Marina skyline. Dubai is a special place that is constantly changing and reinventing itself.

There are probably as many Dubai perception as there are people there. Everybody with a different story of why they are in the city, living or visiting.

Last winter, I had to go back to address worries about the bronze patina. Let me tell you, metal under the Arabian sun is hot, very hot so hot that you will get burn if you touch it .

To my surprise, the patina had resisted quite well and all it needed was some touch up and to apply a good natural wax without petroleum. There was the magic, beautiful again at all time of the day and night...

During this trip, I explored the Art scene and visited the new Dubai design district with the really cool restaurant "Molecule".

A very different culture, rich with input from all around the world. I sure wished it had a stronger local identity unlike this westernized version of a modern city!

You will be surprise to discover this place and how open it is! ...more later!


When installing sculpture in places where extreme weather is a normal occurrence, better study the material compatibility and the finish resistance .

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